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Really better than all the others? April 7, '17

The Lagoon 380 is one of the most popular and most ordered catamarans because of its speed, design, safety and technology. It is one of the models of the famous brand Lagoon that stands out for its elegance and great navigation. Catamarans have a sail like other boats but they are more stable due to its two hulls. With 3-4 cabins, one VPLP, a simple and effective bridge and vertical windows, the Lagoon 380, is a good choice for your sailing holiday in the Mediterranean or in the Caribbean. In this article you can find a bit more information if you like to rent a Lagoon 380 catamaran and get the most out of your holidays.

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Interior Tour

Entry level but full performance June 12, '17

The Lagoon 380 is not the smallest Lagoon catamaran ever built--both the Lagoon 37, its immediate predecessor, and the Lagoon 35CCC were smaller--but it is the smallest Lagoon currently built and one of the smallest dedicated cruising cats that succeeds in combining both reasonable performance and a "big cat" accommodation plan in a single package. It is a carefully balanced exercise in moderation. Designed by Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prevost and first introduced in 2000, the Lagoon 380 is intended to serve both as a charter fleet workhorse (it is co-branded as the Moorings Lagoon 380) and as a serious entry-level cruising cat for private owners. Several hundred of these boats have been built over the years, and it is probably the most successful contemporary cruising cat currently on the market.

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Lover of the Lagoon

Full disclosure - I'm completely biased.
Granted, I was completely objective before my wife and I bought Mimi back in 2012.
But I've become immersed in Lagoon doxology after spending the last six years with her.
Sing praises of other vessels if you will - I shan't be swayed!

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